Rihanna, Chris Brown and Me: A Valentine’s Day Story


Before I go in, I’d like to share a story with you.

I’ve never had much success with Valentine’s Day. How does one measure success on Valentine’s Day you ask? Well I’m told you can only go by your last attempt at um, greatness and if my last run-in with Cupid’s big day was any indication, I did not succeed in showing someone I cared. I didn’t pass the test, didn’t hold the trophy, there was no medal for the guy who started his celebration of the holiday by cooking dinner for that special someone and then was left standing in an apartment complex parking lot alone at 1am because that person freaked when you showed that you did care and left in the middle the night with essentially no explanation.

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Big Face Paper Gang ft. Jarren Benton and Curtis Snow – “Run Up On You Quick” (Video)

There are times on this blog where I will just shamelessly promote the hell out of my friends. This post is an example of that. Deal with it.

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to the Big Face Paper Gang, an independent record label started in my lovely hometown of Atlanta by my best friend/brother, Brandon Banks. BFPG launched back in September of 2012 and here is the first single and visual from artist, Grants and features Ben Frank Jr., Jarren Benton and Curtis Snow. Directing duties went to Be El Be.

Brandon sent me a rough cut of the video to get my two cents. I’m as amp’d for it now as I was then. I might have had a hand in helping link BPFG with Mr. Snow On Tha Bluff himself, Curtis. Useless facts I guess, but either way, I’m proud of the fellas and how this all turned out. Wait till you see their “Satellites” video. I’ll just say Harold and Kumar got nothing on Ben Frank Jr. and Grants. Stay tuned…

Till 30 and Beyond: A re-introduction…

Photo by Kelsey Edwards

Photo by Kelsey Edwards

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t the slightest clue as to what I’m doing. I don’t have it all together and I sure as hell don’t have all the answers, if any. But before I go all Lena Dunham (Yes, I watch and love “Girls”, moving on) on you, I will go ahead and be frank and say that I do have it better than most. Call it blessed, call it fortunate, whatever word fits for you, I’m there.

For one, I’m 28 and very much alive. With the amount of people I’ve seen come and go in my lifetime this is something we should be excited about. Living, breathing, experiencing — doesn’t get any better than that I’d think. Secondly, I’ve got enough good family and friends to last till, well, a long time. They are constant reminders of my existence and the fact that I’m not alone and in no way do I stand alone. I see myself in the people in my life and I hope that they can see in me a guy who loves and respects them all, regardless of all our faults. We’re here to bring the best out of each other and that’s all that matters.

Lastly, I have a job. If you ask the average person living in the trying financial times in which we find ourselves, that’s as a good as having it all. But is it? Who knows? Quite frankly, I’m more focused on life outside the confines of the fine company that pays me, so I’ll probably keep their mentions to the barest of minimums.

So in a sense I guess you could say I do have it all, right? Good people, steady income, hell I even have a significant other (maybe she even calls me the same thing)  and I didn’t have to go online to find her. Not knocking the Match.com trolls of the world, just sayin’. Oh and I have a dog (Hi, Kayla Baby, Daddy loves you) that listens to every command I give, and being a pitbull, scares the piss out of any potential goons. Not that I have frequent run-ins with any wildlings (If you don’t watch “Games of Thrones” I’m sure that went right over your head. God Bless Google, folks) of my urban habitat. But the short answer is I do have enough to keep most men my age happy and I am, but still very curious about everything.

Despite the comfort my life seemingly provides, I’ve got a lot on the mind and heavy is the heart that keeps feelings to itself. So, with all of this said, I’m back on this good ole WordPress-hosted space to share with you the insights I have about the world around us.

Notice I didn’t say “around me.”

If I know anything to be true, it’s that I haven’t gotten this far in life on my lonesome even I might feel as much at times. Every experience good and bad, people, the ones’ who have inspired and tried to break me down — all of it was necessary for me be this 20-something on the verge of 30 with “so much potential” and something to say about almost anything. Where that takes me in the next 28 years I can’t say, but as I approach the big 3-0 on June 4, 2014, I will offer up my thoughts,  feelings and encounters that I think we all have been through or least have had some time to think about, but just never had a smart-Alicky dude like me to just g’head and say it. This will not be a diary in the junior high sense of the term nor is this a blog all about me. This is me trying to get better, learn and keep learning and see things more clear as I get ready to enter the next big decade of my life. I won’t get there on my own.

Chances are I’ll just confuse myself more and bring you guys along for the chaos. I hope we can talk, laugh, cry and discuss it all together. Or y’all can just sit back as I go through it and try making sense of what I can.

Love Y’all,